Are you ready to ZUMBA?

Zumba PictureZumba classes start at the Centre on Wednesday February 3rd at 7:15pm

Zumba is a high energy dance/exercise workout that’s good for your aerobic fitness and flexibility. It’s also great for beginners because it emphasises moving to music and having fun regardless of your fitness level.

Call Gineta on 086 8850209 to book a class or series of classes.

Lisacul Players

We’re getting to the final stage (!) of rehearsals for A Wake in the West and the cast – Vanessa Anderson, Claire Corrigan, Cáit Deane, Teresa Callaghan, Martin Tynan, Derek Marren, Johnny Loftus, Michael McCarthy and Tom Coppinger – are working hard to ensure audiences enjoy a good night’s entertainment.

Meanwhile, the set is coming together in the hall at the Community Centre with some seriously clever carpentry going on.

Latest News:

We have dates! Tuesday 29th and Thursday 31st March, and Friday 1st April. These are all ticket performances and tickets will be available from the Community Centre shortly.

Press Release – 365 Project

One Small Village, One Big Project

Villagers in Lisacul, Co. Roscommon are preparing to take part in Ireland’s first 365 Project, taking photographs around their townlands every day for one year from 1st February 2016.

The photos will capture a year in the life of Lisacul through the eyes of the people who live there and the people who visit this small rural community.

Peter McDonagh, Chairman of Lisacul’s Community Development Company, said “One of the aims of the project is to discover the overlooked gems in Lisacul, the everyday things we take for granted but that people outside the village might enjoy.  And we’re hoping our friends and relatives abroad will enjoy seeing what we’re up to throughout the year.”

Likely subjects of the 365 Project will be annual community events, such as the play in spring, the Tea Party in autumn and the Village Party in December, as well as depictions of the farming year: calving, lambing, haymaking, and harvest.

For more information about the project, please visit or contact Lisacul CDC on 094 9880495.

What to do on a cold and frosty afternoon …

… after you’ve had that nice brisk walk, made a big pot of soup and tidied up a bit.

Coffee biscuits booksHow about curling up with a good book, a cup of something warm and some biscuits? We have a HUGE range of pre-read books here in the Community Centre. You can choose from biographies of sporting heros (and villains) to poems by Yeats, from escapist fiction to gruelling factual stories.

Me, I’m thinking a bit of Banville, some of the poetry I did for the Leaving Cert, and a bit of escapism.

And maybe just one more biscuit.

Tales from the Schoolroom

I’ve been rummaging about in the Heritage cupboard and found some wonderful essays from March 1938 (the “year of the Munich bother” for anyone familiar with Kavanagh) by the children of the local national school.

Here is one on Fairy Forts that moves very quickly from factual to spine-chilling. I wonder who “the boys” were and how fast they moved when the candle went out.  You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

Fairy Forts2


Fairy Forts

There are four forts in our school district, two in Currasallagh, one in Lisadaly and one in Carnagruckane. The two in Currasallagh are in Jim Higgins’ and Pat MacGreal’s fields. The one in Lisadaly is owned by Pat Breheny and in Carnagrukane it is owned by Michael Carney. They are within view of each other. They are round in shape and have a fence of earth round them. There is a hole in the side of each. The boys went in to the centre of Breheny’s fort some years ago. They found four rooms, they went into three of them but when they (went) tried to go into the fourth they found the door built up with stones. They started to knock down stones but the candle went out (added in adult hand: and they came out then). It is not known who built these forts.

Michael Towey, Silverfield, Lisacul, Ballaghaderreen.

Yoga is back!

If your New Year’s Resolution is to get fit, get fitter or simply to loosen up a bit, you’ll be delighted to learn that Yoga classes start again on Wednesday 13th January at 8:30pm.

According to an article in thYoga 1e. Nursing Standard. (2011. Vol 25, Iss. 48, pp. 20–21) “Yoga’s combined focus on mindfulness, breathing and physical movements brings health benefits with regular participation. Yoga participants report better sleep, increased energy levels and muscle tone, relief from muscle pain and stiffness, improved circulation and overall better general health. The breathing aspect of yoga can benefit heart rate and blood pressure.” Me, I’ll be happy if I can put my socks on without falling over.

Classes are €10 each or €35 for four classes and you can turn up with your yoga mat and just join in.


Road Closures in Roscommon

Lots of Road closures in Roscommon today. The latest list is given below, but check Roscommon County Council’s website for information.

List of Flooded Roads

15:45 Tuesday 09 December 2015

Road Number Location Description
N60 Rockfield (down to one lane)
N63 Athleague
R357 Four Roads
R363 Ballyforan Bridge
R367 Laragh Br
R368-234 Farnbeg – Impassable
L1018 Cleaheen, Hartley (Cootehall to Carrick on Shannon Road)
L1033 Clooncommon, Rush port,(Kilmore to  Carrandoe  Bridge)
L10405 Cloonteem (cul de sac)
L14087-0 Rinnafarna – Impassable
L1410-36 Moyglass – Impassable
L1416-36 Northyard – Impassable
L1426 Cloontuskert
L1612 Cloondahara Bridge – Passable
L1618 Lissalway PO towards Kilmurray – Impassable
L16183 Carrowmore
L16221 Enfield
L1812 County Home Road/Golflinks Road (one lane)
L1818 Black’s Bridge
L2012 Mount Talbot to Four Roads Road
L20273 Newtownflood, Cloonown
L2034 Athlone to Carricknaughten, Cloonown
L50443 Lisserdrea,Boyle
L6008-0 Carrigeen/Lavagh – Impassable
L6040-17 Clooneen (Blakeny) – Impassable
L6076-0 Erra – Impassable
L60951-0 Cargin Demesne – Impassable
L6162-25 Cloonmore – Flooded/Passable
L6520 Enfield off R367
L6650 Altore, Granlahan – Impassable
L7002 Mullymucks
L7079 Aghagower, Athleague
L7129 Rookwood
L7138 Cloonmore at Kilteevan
L7503 Lisduff, Athleague
L7518 Carricknagat, Four Roads
L7523 Jamestown, Four Roads
L7570 Clooncoran, Ballinasloe
L75893 Derrineel, Cloonown
L7603 Ballyglass Bridge
L76061 Cappaleitrim, Cloonown
L7611 Curraghnaboll, Cloonown
L7613 Coologoriff, Cloonown
L7615 Bunua Cunna, Cloonown
L7642 Cullawinnia, Cloonown
Various Local roads around Fevagh in South Roscommon


Severe Weather Warning for Roscommon County

Desmond is coming

Desmond is coming

Map Alerter – a really  useful service to have on your phone – have issued this severe warning about rain and wind. Storm Desmond is coming in and it’s going to be very wet and very windy between now and the early hours of Sunday morning.

So you can still plan to visit the Craft Fair and Auction in the Community Centre on Sunday afternoon.


Get ready to unleash your inner spy…

It’s that time of year again. Time to dig out the binoculars, find the comfiest chair and get in position by the window and watch out for those special visitors. No, I don’t mean Santa and the Reindeers, I mean our feathered friends.  It’s Birdwatch Time!

pexels-photoBirdwatch Ireland need to hear from you how many birds visit your garden every week from Monday 30th November 2015 to 28th March 2016.  More details and how to join in at Birdwatch Ireland.

Sadly, you can’t count the Whooper Swans unless they actually land in the garden, but you could practice taking photographs of them so you are ready for the Top Secret Project that will be announced on 6th December.


Parish Party

Tea Party Before 2The Parish Party will be held on Thursday 3rd December at 8pm and everyone in the village is welcome to attend.

Please let us know that you’re coming by phoning the Resource Centre on 094 988 0495, otherwise our team of caterers and volunteers won’t have anything prepared for you.