Children’s Burial Ground Walk

In a quiet and gently peaceful area of Silverfield lies the Children’s Burial Ground, known locally as Calvary. Anyone familiar with the New Testament will understand the profound sadness and pain that that name conveys. How the area came into being, the place it occupies in the hearts of those most familiar with it, and  how it was restored to the consciousness of the community is beautifully recalled in The Gathering Book.

On Friday 2nd August, we will be holding a walk from the Community Centre to the Children’s Burial Ground. We’ll set off from the Centre at 7:30pm and, after a pause for contemplation at Calvary, return for refreshments. We hope as many people as possible will join us.

Alan O’Dowd Benefice

Visitors to the Resource Centre in the Community Centre over the past few months may have noticed some new additions. As well as a fantastic kitchen makeover, giving us some much needed storage space, the New Hall has filled up with additional tables and chairs, and the new presses are heaving with useful kitchen equipment.

This is all thanks to the Trustees of the Alan O’Dowd Fund who have turned a family tragedy into a tribute to community spirit by providing the equipment needed to hold events that bring us together, whether in mourning or in celebration.

We look forward to using the tables, the chairs, the utensils, and the lovely new kitchen for many years to come, imbuing them as we do so with the memory of a life too soon ended.


Breakdown of Spend

Total Fund (Aug 2018) – €8,113.00
Tables and Chairs – €4,735.50
Kitchen units – €1,350.00
Crockery – €1,245.97
Total – €7,331.47
Balance (July 2019) – €781.53

To read about how the funds were raised, visit this page.

Love Knots Reviewed

This year, the Lisacul Players came together for their fourth annual production, a truly hilarious performance of Jimmy Keary’s Three Act Comedy, Love Knots. The Players have proven that they have a definite affinity for comedy – between the antics of Larry Casey (Tom Coppinger) and Eddie O’Donnell (Mick McCarthy), and the relatable interfering of Vera (Anna Marie Boyle), there was never a dull moment on the stage.

The Players

                The play opens on a terrifically bad date – Larry’s companion Fidelma (Vanessa Anderson) is the exact sort of lady that every man fears taking out. The humour truly begins almost instantly – the classic gag of a chair being pulled out from beneath Fidelma begins a true laughter fest which spans all three acts, and it’s quickly compounded by an extremely grumpy waitress, Nuala, (Geralyn Gallagher) who embodies all that we associate with bad customer service, and the introduction of Carmel Doherty (Suzanne Roddy), a divorcee who seems to be the complete opposite of everything that Fidelma has to offer.

                In Act 2, the audience are treated to some wonderful examples of dramatic irony – and it doesn’t disappoint. Vera’s ‘help’ combined with Mick’s well-intentioned reveals lead to an extremely entertaining conclusion to the play in Act 3 – the introduction of Larry’s sister Freda (Cáit Deane) and her husband Camillus (Steve Wilson) adding yet another layer of humour to the production, and the misguided attempts by Carmel to make Larry voice his feelings ensure that the audience is in stitches right to the very last second.

                It is of course, important to note the work that went on behind the scenes. The set  and prop design, the sound, and the lighting were all extremely impressive, and the amount of thought that went into seamless transitions between scenes was obvious – with such a small group, it could have been considered impossible, yet the Players made it look easy. This was truly a feat of organisation, management, and of course, teamwork. The sense of community between the cast and crew was undeniable.

                Overall, I was delighted with the performance. The Lisacul Players are definitely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to theatre, leaving the audience with a production which will surely stick in the mind, and certainly with a huge amount of anticipation for next year’s performance. Topping this year’s play seems impossible – but as the Players have proven, there’s no such thing.

All good clean fun

The Active Age group are busy preparing for their Bealtaine competition. They got in a bit of a lather while learning how to make felt. Let soap it will all come out in the wash.

Community Games

Roscommon County Community Games Development Officer is facilitating a meeting on Thursday March 28th at 8.00pm in Lisacul Community Centre to assist us organise Community Games in the Loughglynn/Lisacul/Gorthaganny Area.

Community Games offers FORTY different sporting and cultural activities to children from the age of 6 years to 16 years. The games are child-centred and the emphasis is on taking part and making friends.

The previous committee, who have given so many years of service to the Community Games in the area, have stepped down. It’s now time for a new generation of parents and guardians to take their place and ensure the games are kept alive in the Loughglynn, Lisacul and Gorthaganny and we hope you’ll join us at the meeting.

What we did in 2018

Lisacul Community Development held their AGM on 20th February and presented a report on activities for 2018.

The report uses the broad headings from the Memorandum and Articles of Association so that we can measure ourselves against our objectives.

If you think you can help us improve our performance in any of the areas listed below, come and talk to us at our next meeting on 20th March at 8:30pm

The Community Employment Programme

The Community Employment programme had its annual audit by the Department of Social Protection and was again approved to continue to operate. The programme is overseen by John Greene and employed sixteen people over the year.
Under the programme, employees undertook a range of training programmes, including modules leading to major awards in Administration and Horticulture.

The nature of the programme means there is a regular turn-over of employees and 2018 was no exception. We welcomed Elizabeth Care, Patricia Gilman, Tony Dollard, and Josh Craggs and said goodbye to Ron Bell, Michael Hannelly, Deirdre Heald, and Gerry Carty.

The Resource Centre and the Community Centre

The Resource Centre provides a focus for the community, enabling voluntary groups to maximise their effectiveness by providing facilities for events, administrative back up, and additional expertise where needed. The Administrator for Brightsparks uses a desk in the Resource Centre, while local groups – such as Active Age, the Ladies Club, Brightsparks Preschool Committee, Lisacul Players, and Tidy Towns – and individuals used the administrative facilities offered by the Resource Centre for photocopying, internet research for college projects, administration for Ros Go Run and Village Play ticket sales, and poster designs and publicity for local events.

The Community Centre has two halls which are available for use by the village. The Memorial hall provides the schoolroom for Brightsparks Preschool and Eithne Fahy’s School of Irish Dancing, as well as being used to stage the Village Play and as a venue for the Christmas Party. Over the summer, thanks to a grant obtained by Brightsparks, the Memorial Hall was renovated, with the installation of a ceiling and new fire doors, and the removal of a partition, adding extra several square metres of useful space.

The New Hall was pressed into service to provide the venue for refreshments after the Cemetery Mass during the renovations. It also provided a training space for a Manual Handling Course, an evening furniture restoration course (supported by GRETB), a rehearsal space for Lisacul Players, the location for the revived Toddler Group, a new meeting space for the Active Age group – with room for exercises and games, and for a range of committee meetings for local groups.
Thanks to grants from the Municipal District Fund and Roscommon Community Development Funds, we were able to add new radiators and storage to the New Hall enabling groups to store equipment in the Centre, instead of bringing it to each meeting.

Promoting art, culture and heritage

We continued our support of Éire Óg GAA club and to Handball enthusiasts through providing ground workers and caretakers at James Timothy Park and to the Handball Alley. We also provided facilities to the Lisacul Players, enabling them to stage their play over three nights in April. A long-term project to find and identify old farm machinery and place them in landscaped areas around the village continues.

Community Development

The Resource Centre continues to reach out to our broader community. With the kind permission of Canon Devine, and the assistance of the Parish Administrator, the weekly parish newsletter is now posted to the website, enabling friends and family abroad to remain in touch with home. Our community Facebook page continues to thrive, with over three hundred subscribers.

Information Resource

To fulfil its remit to collate and disseminate useful information to the community, LCDC has accounts with Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, and has its own website – These social media accounts, together with other village accounts such as Tidy Towns, Brightsparks Preschool, and Active Age, communicate with a huge number of subscribers, locally, nationally and internationally. The website, Flickr and Wikipedia account provide a range of static information about the village, its heritage and its activities, while the social media accounts provide a dynamic and interactive means of promoting a dialogue with local groups and individuals.

Managing Resources

LCDC is charged with ensuring the company has the physical resources necessary to carry out its business.

The insulation installed last year has made a significant difference to heating costs, and the installation of a new boiler and additional radiators in the New Hall have made marked improvements to heating efficiency and reduced reliance on the large fan heaters, one of which was removed completely during the year. We continue to review and compare utility provider costs to ensure we are getting the best value for money.

Recreation Space

The company does not have sufficient outdoor space to provide gardens and greenhouses for general use however, through its management of the CE scheme, and cooperation with other local schemes, it looks after many of the greenspaces throughout the village. These include verges, the gardens of the church, graveyards and burial spaces, the handball alley, and the sensory garden attached to Brightsparks Preschool. Participants on the Horticulture Course carried out practical work on a perennial bed at the Church, as well as revitalising an existing bed at the front of the Community Centre and creating a new bed in a corner of the Centre.


We had an exceptionally good year in applying for grants, with funding secured from Municipal and Community Development funding streams. We are grateful to our local councillors, Michael Creaton, Nigel Dineen, and Paschal Fitzmaurice, for their assistance in and support for our grant applications. We are also, as ever, grateful to our wonderful community who fund us through donations and by supporting fundraising events. The funds raised over the year have have been used to improve the heating and provide new storage in the New Hall, and for the day to day running of the Community Centre.

Facilities for Children

The Community Centre hosts Brightsparks Preschool with its five staff and twenty-eight classroom places. Thanks to the refurbishment work, Brightsparks has been able to extend its working hours. The centre also hosts the Toddler Group every Friday from 11 to 1pm. The expansion of hours in Brightsparks and the closing time of the Toddler Group fit in with the National School hours, thereby contributing to a reduction in car journeys.

Eithne Fahy’s School of Dance continues to hold classes in Memorial Hall every Friday during term time.

At Hallowe’en, the Preschool Committee organised a disco for children up to sixth class and the Parents’ Association hosted the annual Children’s Christmas Party. The Centre was also the venue for communion and graduation parties during the year.

Future Plans

After the major works carried out this year and with the suspension of municipal funding streams this year, we do not foresee any large scale works at the Centre. However, we have agreement in principle from the Alan O’Dowd fund to provide us with new chairs and tables and some enhancements of the small kitchen beside the new hall and we look forward to documenting these in our 2019 Review.

Lisacul Players have reserved the hall on the 26th and 27th of April for their next presentation, and Seán Keane has added the hall to his tour schedule and will be playing here on 29th March.

The Preschool Committee also plan to host an Easter Disco for children on 14th April.

Seán Keane in Concert

Seán Keane will play Lisacul Memorial Hall on Friday 29th March this year. An accomplished musician and singer, Seán mixes blues, country, and traditional Irish folk in a unique and attractive way and has established a firm fan base both here and abroad. We are delighted that he has chosen Lisacul as part of his 2019 touring schedule.

Tickets, costing 25 euro, for the concert are available from the Resource Centre on 094 988 0495.

You can find out more about Seán, his background, his influences and his touring schedule from his website, where you can also buy his latest album, Gratitude, and browse through his back catalogue.


A Great Night Altogether

We had a fantastic night on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who came, everyone who helped behind the scenes to transform the school room into a dining room (and back again on Sunday), all the cooks, the servers, the washer-uppers… It was a real community effort.

There were also some exciting announcements and diary dates – there’ll be more information later, but you should keep the 13th and the 22nd of February free. In fact, you should mark them in the 2019 Lisacul Calendar, which is now on sale for the bargainaceous price of five euro and available in a Community Centre near you.

Setting up the room

The menu

The ambiance

Top Secret

We can’t tell you how we got this information – but if you would like a peek behind the scenes at You Know Who’s operation, look no further.

We’re sorry about the quality of the photos, but apparently there was snow on the broadband line to The North Pole where ever these emails came from.






What do YOU think?

You may be a bit tired of giving your opinion by now – after all, we’ve just had another referendum, and a Presidential Election – but there are other ways of having your say than by turning up at the polling station: you can also contribute to a Public Consultation. The outcome of three of these could directly affect us here in Lisacul so, if you have an opinion one way or the other, it’s time to let the government know how you feel.

The consultations are listed below – and clicking on them will take you to a page where you can comment or where you can find more information.

Public Consultation on the Digital Strategy: This “aims to give the public and interested stakeholders a chance to tell Government what priorities should be addressed in the Strategy”. It asks a series of questions to help the Department understand what people want.

Consultation on Seasonal Clock Changes: Do you want to change? Would you prefer it to be Summer Time all the time? Would you prefer it to be Winter Time all the time?  This is a really simple consultation with about three questions to answer.

Community Services Programme: This is a call for submissions about how you think the CSP should work and where it should focus its spending and influence.