Back to School….

… for adults.

We applied for funding from GRETB to help us run a furniture up-cycling/restoration course and the course has now been running for two weeks under the careful guidance of Tom Finan. We spent the first week on health and safety as we’ll be using chemicals and sharp implements while we revamp and restore, but this week we were able to get our hands (and clothes) dirty.

Here are some pictures from this Thursday’s class.

Winter Draws On…

Not really – we still have a few weeks of summer, followed by three months of autumn, but here at the Community Centre we’ve been busy preparing for the cold.

Thanks to the Roscommon Municipal District Scheme who provided funding, and John P Flanagan who did the installation, we were able to put in a new boiler and radiators over the summer. This means that both ends of the building can be heated – at the same time!

We look forward to trying them out once the autumn activities start –  we’ll be running furniture up-doing classes,  the drama group will be back, as will the Ladies Club and Active Age, and then there’s the tea party, and the Christmas events, not to mention Tidy Towns and Community Development Meetings.  It’s going to be busy – but we’ll be warm!

The Alan Fund

The O’Dowd family, in appreciation of the support shown to them over the past year, have planned a memorial event for Alan.

This will take the form of a soccer tournament in Kilmovee and a raffle to be held on Sunday 5th August in Creaton’s Lisacul.

The funds raised will be used to support Lisacul families in times of bereavement.

Update July 2019: You can read how the funds raised were spent on this page.

The prizes in the raffle are

  1. Manchester United tickets plus flights to Manchester
  2. Two nights B&B, plus evening meal, at the Ocean Sands Hotel in Enniscrone
  3. One hundred euro

Lines are available from the usual outlets, including the Resource Centre.

More information is available from Patricia (086-9194698), Peter (087-2601372), and Nigel (087-4182021).


It begins…

The last of the children have left the building for the school holidays and the last of the classroom furniture has been moved to the New Hall. These are the last pictures of the Memorial Hall before we start the eight-week refurbishment project.

We apologise for the inconvenience Summer 2018

Once again, the Community Centre will be undergoing construction work over the Summer (you may remember that we did the insulation at this time last year) so this post is to tell you what will be happening and what effect this may have on events scheduled over the next two months.

What’s happening?

The building work will take place in the Memorial Hall over July and August this year.

  • We will be taking down the stud wall at the back, to make one big room, and then putting in a removable partition to create two classrooms.
  • We will also be putting in full size windows to give more light and increase the ventilation in the hall.
  • We will also be replacing the existing suspended ceiling so that the ceilings will match across the space.
  • There will also be some upgrades to the toilet facilities and some increased fire safety work.

Will the rest of the building be open?

The Resource Centre will be open from 9:30 to 13:30 Monday to Friday and you will be able to access the New Hall at those times, or outside those times by arrangement.

We will be using the New Hall to serve tea and coffee (and cake and biscuits) after the Cemetery Mass on the 29th July. Most of the destruction part of the work will be done by then, but the Memorial Hall will still be a construction site, so access will be restricted.

General safety

If you are visiting the centre over the summer, please

  • use the side entrance to the Resource Centre,
  • watch your footing,
  • stay behind any safety tape,
  • follow instructions from centre staff about access, and
  • make sure children are accompanied at all times.

Satisfying curiosity

We’ll post photos of the work as it progresses and post it on our Facebook and Twitter pages so you can see how we’re getting on.


Cemetery Mass 2018

This year’s Cemetery Mass will be celebrated on 29th July at 10:00 am, with refreshments in the Community Centre afterwards.

We look forward to welcoming family and friends back to Lisacul for this heartwarming and moving event.

This picture image for this photo was taken by Patricia Madden as part of the Lisacul 365 project.


Hardhats Will Be Worn

We’re delighted to announce that Lisacul Childcare have been awarded over €50,000 from the 2018 Childcare Capital Programme which is overseen by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

The award will enable us to refurbish the existing classroom in the Community Centre by putting in new windows and a new ceiling, and build a new classroom, so that more children can take advantage of the brilliant start Brightsparks Montessori  gives them.

The work will be carried out over the summer holidays to ensure no schooldays will be lost and we hope no one will mind any of the inconvenience having the builders in will cause.

Huge congratulations, cheers, hugs and thumbs up to the staff and committee of Brightsparks who worked so hard to put the bid together and submitted in time.


Stay Safe in the Sun

We’re reposting this because, once again, we are enjoying a bit of a heat wave.

We’re really not used to the sun here in Roscommon, and it’s so easy to get a sunburn, thanks to our clean air and unpolluted atmosphere. Here’s some advice on how to keep safe in the sun. And a link to a reminder from Sid the Seagull – the face of the Australian sun-safe programme.

The basic message is Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide

Slip on a shirt and trousers, or a dress with a full length skirt. Clothes made of cotton or linen are light enough to wear without being uncomfortableFor children, long shorts and loose cotton tops (you may have to buy these in the ‘boys’ section as some ‘girls’ clothes don’t give enough protection from the sun)

Slop on the sunscreen. The Irish Cancer Society recommend sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher for adults and SPF 30 or higher for children. Apply 20 minutes before going outside and reapply every two hours.

Slap on a hat. One with a brim to give shade to your ears and neck and, for children, a funky Legionnaire hat – the ones with a flap on the back to cover the neck. 

Seek shade or shelter. Put up the (little used) parasol. Take a walk in the woods rather than across the fields. Sit inside (with the doors and windows open) in the middle of the day.

Slide on some sunglasses.

Going, going, gone?

At the last meeting of the Development Committee it was proposed that the Annual Auction had run its course and should be discontinued.

It will be replaced in the calendar with a fundraising tea party.

The reasons for this are:

  • Steady and marked drop in income from the Auction
  • The amount of unsold items that need to be disposed of
  • The cost of disposal

As this is a big decision to make, the Committee are asking for your opinions. You can comment here, on Facebook, by letter to the Resource Centre, Lisacul, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, or by email to

All opinions received before the next meeting – on June 13th – will be circulated to the Committee to help their decision.

The Committee looks forward to hearing from you.

They’re back! And this time they’re toddling.

The Parent and Toddler group has reformed under the Brightsparks banner.

Meeting every Friday from 11am to 1pm, the group welcomes toddlers from 0 to five years old for play,  the ceremonial eating of toast, and some running around in the New Hall in the Community Centre.

Parents attending the group have praised the timing of the group, as it means they can have Very-Small-Children- playtime, before the Still-Small-But-Not-Really-Big-Children finish their day at Brightsparks Montessori preschool and come to join in the fun, and then everyone can zoom to the National School to collect Big-Children, all in one outing.

All parents and guardians, and their toddlers, are welcome to join the group – it’s only two euro per session per family.

If you’d like more information, contact Stephanie Greene on 087 962 3790. Stephanie is one of the co-organisers of the group so remember to avoid calling during nap time.