A Walk in Lisacul

We had a great array of 365 photos in this week, with two sets looking as if they were taken on a walk within Lisacul. We know many of our readers are away from Lisacul, so come with us on a virtual walk.  It’s the 20th November, it’s a bit overcast, and it’s FREEZING, so wrap up well.

1120bcorriganabandoned 1120bcorriganbog 1120bcorriganbogwalk 1120bcorriganditchmoss 1120bcorriganfield 1120bcorriganfrostyfield 1120bcorriganhouse 1120bcorriganhousethroughtrees 1120bcorriganlandscape 1120bcorriganlane 1120bcorriganlaneway 1120bcorriganoutflow 1120bcorriganpanorama 1120bcorriganredtrees 1120bcorrigantheviewfromhere 1120bcorrigantrack 1120bcorrigantrees 1120bcorriganwhinbushes 1120bcorriganwintersun 1120mattfeighfrostybog 1120mattfeighfrozenlough 1120mattfeighfrozenrushes