Behind the Scenes at the Play

Well we’re all winding down a little after the excitement of the play, but before it’s over, a little tribute to the Backstage Crew, who worked like demons to ensure that the only thing the cast had to worry about was remembering their lines.

Mourners (and our Hosts)

Mourners (and our Hosts). And (on the left) stage crew and (on the right) make up and hair artist.

Backstage sound and lighting control

The sound and lighting rig, conceived and operated by Tom Coppinger

Backstage raffle

Once she’d finished looking after the box office, Caroline sold tickets for the raffle

Backstage raffle prep

The mourners at the bed also provided supper for the crew and sold tickets for the raffle.

Backstage Props

Sarah, looked after the props (TWO biscuits with the tea for Father Cassidy) and did the set dressing for each act.

Backstage oh my

Behind the camera, Matt Care took photographs and sometimes got more than he bargained for.

Backstage makeup2

Make up: adding more wrinkles to “Rose”.

Backstage makeup

Make up: ensuring that perfect 1960s ICA look.

Backstage Continuity

Following the action and ready with the mot juste.

Backstage A2 to A3 change

The big change – Act Two to Act Three