Brightsparks: The Interviews

Parent and ToddlerBrightsparks Montessori Preschool caters for up to twenty-two children and runs five mornings per week, from 8:45 to 12:15pm.  We interviewed Michelle and Christina to find out more.

Why did you choose to work in a Montessori school?

Michelle: I love children and wanted to pursue a career where I could teach little ones from an early age. I consider myself very lucky to be in a job I love.

Christina: I chose to work here in Brightsparks as I have filled in as relief staff for a number of years and feel extremely lucky now to be part of what Michelle has brought to this facility. Montessori is a fantastic way style of teaching to give the children skills for life and enable them to be confident, independent individuals.

What training did you need to work in Brightsparks?

Michelle: I firstly completed a degree in Business Management, then went on to complete a post grad in Montessori Education. I also recently completed a post grad in Early Years Education and Care.

Christina: I have a full award in FETAC level 5 and am currently studing for my FETAC level 6 in Early Years Care and Education.

What brought you to Lisacul?

Michelle: I’m a Lisacul native and grew up here. I couldn’t imagine living or settling anywhere else. It’s home to me.

Christina: I had the good fortune to meet and fall in love with a Lisacul man! We are married almost 16 years and we are living in Lisacul for the past 14 years. I love it here!

How did you decide which ages to teach?

Michelle: I was always fascinated by the rapid growth and development of children from birth to six years, so I knew this was my age group. To me, these are the most important years.

Christina: As a mother and childminder I absolutely love children, in particular I always loved from birth to five or six years. These are the formative years – children are like sponges!

What kinds of things happen during the school day?

Michelle: We have a very varied curriculum with a routine which is flexible, so anything could happen! For me personally, the children’s stories make me laugh every day.

Christina: You never know what’s going to happen! You never know what the children are going to stay! Every day is different and interesting!

Do the children teach you things?

Michelle: Yes! The children teach me to slow down, enjoy the simple things in life, not take myself too seriously and to be amazed by the little things that we as adults tend to take for granted every day.

Christina: Yes, the children always teach us things. They have taught me to be kind and empathetic and to be patient. They have also taught me to stay young at heart!

What are your plans for Brightsparks?

Michelle: I have big plans for the preschool! I have already changed it from a playschool to a Montessori. My next big project is to build an outdoor sensory garden. After that… watch this space!

Christina: I plan to help Michelle and work with her to make Brightsparks a fun, happy, caring and stimulating place for children to come to, to learn, grow and develop.

What would your superpower be?

Michelle: Apart from being able to make money magically appear!! I find we get a little judgmental as we become older and take life too seriously sometimes. My superpower would be to change adults’ perceptions so they could remember the simplistic view of life through a child’s eyes.

Christina: I would love to be able to fly. Wouldn’t it be so easy to get around then!!



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