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Shop Local For Christmas

With every day that passes we’re one day closer to the point where there are no more shopping days till Christmas. Does this statement make you feel: Anxious? Fretful? Worried that you won’t get it all bought in time? Fear not, we are here to help. Option 1 You can take your list and a …

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Community Acupuncture

David from Willowbrook Natural Healing Clinic is offering to run a community acupuncture clinic at the Community Centre if there is a demand for it. From his leaflet: “Community Acupuncture is a venue set up within the community for the use of all at an affordable cost, where clients can receive Acupuncture treatments, with the intention …

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365 Week 23

This week is all about the unexpected, the strange and the wonderful of Lisacul. Nettles are incredibly intricate in close up Flowers bloom in the most unexpected of places There is always a story

Eid Mubarak!

Yesterday was Eid el Fitr, the last day of Ramadan, the month-long period of fasting for Muslims and, as with any period of religious fasting, it finished with prayers and a feast. Eid is a day for wearing one’s best clothes, visiting friends and relatives, sharing food and, importantly, giving to charity to make sure …

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Behind the scenes

The Community Centre in Lisacul hosts the administration office for the CE scheme covering Loughglynn and Lisacul. This means that the Centre is open for anyone to drop in from 9:30 to 13:30 to browse through the books or to grab a cup of tea (popping a donation into the refreshments fund box) or to …

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Public Service Announcement

The sun is still out!  And after nearly four years of Very Poor Summers Indeed, you may need a reminder of how to enjoy the summer in Ireland without getting burnt to a crisp. So here’s a reminder from Sid the Seagull – the face of the Australian sun-safe programme. The basic message is Slip, Slop, …

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What goes on in the Community Centre?

I bet this question just keeps you up at night. Well, we’re busy every week, but we’re busiest on Wednesday and Friday as you can see from the picture. The centre plays host to the oldest and youngest in the village, provides a meeting point for committees and a great place for activities. We still …

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Brightsparks: The Interviews

Brightsparks Montessori Preschool caters for up to twenty-two children and runs five mornings per week, from 8:45 to 12:15pm.  We interviewed Michelle and Christina to find out more. Why did you choose to work in a Montessori school? Michelle: I love children and wanted to pursue a career where I could teach little ones from …

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Books in the Middle

As you probably know, we have a huge selection of books in the Centre, in the area we call Books in the Middle. Matt Care recently took advantage and then sent us in this lovely review: Are your visitors aware of the book sharing / exchange ‘library’ service you offer? I have recently ‘discovered’ this resource …

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Road Closures in Roscommon

Lots of Road closures in Roscommon today. The latest list is given below, but check Roscommon County Council’s website for information. List of Flooded Roads 15:45 Tuesday 09 December 2015 Road Number Location Description N60 Rockfield (down to one lane) N63 Athleague R357 Four Roads R363 Ballyforan Bridge R367 Laragh Br R368-234 Farnbeg – Impassable L1018 Cleaheen, …

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