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Loughglynn and District Anglers’ Association

Angling 2The Loughglynn and District Anglers’ Association has reformed after a five year hiatus and is welcoming returning and new members alike to join in a series of competitions. New members can pay membership and insurance on the day of the competition and there are special rates for juniors.

We  had a quick Q & A session with Association Secretary, Martin Tynan, to find out more.

How much does it cost to join the LDAA?

Membership  is €10 for all members and competition entry is normally €10 for seniors and €5 for juniors.  The membership fee includes insurance.  The club is registered with the national association of pike anglers in Ireland and all members and landowners are insured.

Is there a schedule of competitions?

We hold about six competitions each year, with details finalised after the previous competition finishes, and we like to use as many of the bodies of water in the district as possible. We started this year with the Sean Creaton and Hauley Grady (Connaught Scaffolding) Cup at Cloonaugh. The McGowan Cup takes place at Loughglynn Lake on 1st May. These will be followed by the Coney Island Trophy at Errit Lake, The President’s Cup (James Creaton) on Loughglynn Lake, the Michael Henry Cup on Urlar Lake. We may also have a competition for Juniors only in Lisacul at the Fishing Hole.

What kind of fish are you after?

In competition we fish for pike only and operate a strict catch and release policy. We are planning a sea fishing trip for later in the year when we’ll be fishing for pollack, bass, conger eel, coalfish, dog fish, mackerel, herring and shark.

You’ve mentioned a “catch and release policy” – what is that? 

We have a catch and release policy to preserve and develop the fish stocks in our lakes. Catch and release is a conservation practice developed to prevent over-harvest of fish stocks in the face of growing human populations, mounting fishing pressure, increasingly effective fishing tackle and techniques, inadequate fishing regulations and enforcement, and habitat degradation. Sports fishers have been practicing catch and release for decades, including with some highly pressured fish species. The policy has been in place in Ireland since 2003 so we see some of our role as educational, getting people to think of catch and release, rather than kill and eat, as the normal, and ethical, way of angling.

When does the committee/membership meet?

We hold an AGM once a year and the committee meet every six weeks to organise fixtures and admin.

Where do they meet?

The meetings alternate between Loughglynn Community Centre and Lisacul Community Centre

Who is on the committee?

  • Chair: Sean Deerey
  • Treasurer: Michael Roddy
  • Secretary: Martin Tynan
  • Safety Officer: Barry Luby
  • PRO: Margaret Tynan

Most of your activities take place near – or on – water. What do you do about safety?

It’s compulsory to wear a life jacket when fishing, all the fishing is supervised, and all junior members must be accompanied by an adult.

And if people want to find out more…?

They can contact me, Martin Tynan, on 087 8143441 or contact the club via the Contact Us page on this website.