Committee Meeting January

A cold and frosty start to the year – but news from the Committee is good.

We had our January meeting on the fourteenth and the minutes are below.

Remember, anyone in Lisacul is welcome to come to a meeting. We’d be delighted to see you.


Minutes of the meeting held on 17th January 2018

In attendance

Peter McDonagh (Chair), Tom Coppinger (Treasurer), Laura Beirne, Breege Corrigan, Elizabeth Care,  Margaret Tynan.

Apologies: Vanessa Anderson, Patricia Madden, John Greene, Michelle Mahon


  1. Minutes of the Previous Meeting and Matters Arising
  2. Recording of Any Other Business
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. CE Scheme Report
  5. Communications Report
  6. Fundraising Report
  7. Any Other Business Discussion
  8. Date of Next Meeting

Minutes of the Previous Meeting and Matters Arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted and signed by Peter McDonagh.

Proposed by: Breege Corrigan. Seconded by: Margaret Tynan

The class on Christmas decorations had been cancelled due to the unfortunate illness of the tutor.

Recording of Any Other Business

  • A class on winter hanging baskets
  • GIY/Energia Grant (to be discussed under Fundraising)

Treasurer’s Report

Tom Coppinger gave the Treasurer’s Report.

Income:                        €3,636

Outgoings:        €5,059

Current balance:           €4,311.13

Income for the month included a grant from GRETB for training, a donation from Ros Go Run, and the lodging of money raised from the Auction and the Tea Party.

It was noted that the takings from the auction were down on the previous year which, in turn, had been down on the year before. Many lots had been unsold and the organisation had been fortunate that a cost free means of disposal had been secured. It was suggested that consideration be given to the future viability of the auction given the downward trend in benefit and the possibility of incurring disposal charges in the future. This will be set down for further discussion following the AGM.

CE Report

John Green had given his apologies to the meeting. In his absence, Tom Coppinger provided a brief report. Jean Timothy had visited for an audit on Training and Development which had gone well.  The CE scheme is scheduled for renewal in March and, based on the positive audits, it is felt that this will go ahead.

Communications Report

Elizabeth Care presented the Communications Report. The website, Facebook and Twitter accounts continue to work well as an additional means of communication with villagers and the wider community.  There have been several contacts from the diaspora and from people looking for their Lisacul roots.


A bid for funding for raised beds, tools, compost and seeds has been submitted to GIY/Energia.  If successful, the beds will be a useful addition to the village.

The 2018 round of municipal fund grants will begin shortly. LCDC were exceptionally fortunate in applications in 2017, and this may tell against us this year.  However, we will certainly apply. The principal identified needs this year are the replacement of the boiler and built in storage in the new hall.

It was suggested that SEAI/Warmer Homes may also be providing funding this year. This will be explored in the light of the need for a new boiler.

The Montessori school will be resubmitting a bid for refurbishment for their classroom once the Tusla portal is opened.

Any Other Business

Following discussion, it was agreed that Ita McGreal be approached to provide a one-off class on winter baskets or on door wreaths with a St Patrick’s Day theme.

There was some discussion on the date of the AGM. Following discussion with participants, it was agreed that this should remain as previously planned.

There was no other business.

The AGM will take place on 28th February 2018