Committee Meeting Minutes – November 2017

A lot of what happens in Lisacul is driven or supported by the activities of the Community Development Company’s committee – from the Quiz in February to Auction in December – so we thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know how the committee works. In future, we’ll be publishing the minutes of the committee on this website so you can see how decisions are made and what’s coming up in future. 

If you’d like to join the committee, or just come along and see how things work in real time, please join us at any of the meetings.

Lisacul Community Development Company

Minutes of the meeting held on 15th November 2017

In attendance

Peter McDonagh (Chair), Michelle Mahon (Secretary), Tom Coppinger (Treasurer), Laura Beirne, Breege Corrigan, Elizabeth Care, Matthew Care, Mike Carty, Margaret Tynan.

Apologies: Vanessa Anderson, Patricia Madden, Caroline Higgins, John Greene


  1. Minutes of the Previous Meeting and Matters Arising
  2. Recording of Any Other Business
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. CE Scheme Report
  5. Communications Report
  6. Fundraising Report
  7. Any Other Business Discussion
  8. Date of Next Meeting

Minutes of the Previous Meeting and Matters Arising

Peter McDonagh noted the tea party went well.

He noted that the proposed newsletter would be put on hold; the focus would be on the Christmas newsletter instead.

Michelle explained that the HSE inspector would only need to come back if we held cookery classes or similar. However, it was agreed Michelle would contact her, advise the works were complete, and ask if she would like to visit.

The first print of the calendar has almost sold out with a second edition to be printed in time for the auction.

From next year, a form will be used for booking the hall. People using the hall for profit will have to have their own insurance. The drama tutor has been advised that she must have insurance to cover pupils during classes. The additional €55 on our insurance will cover not-for-profit events such as parties. It was noted that parties would take place in the New Hall, rather than in the Main Hall, unless the Montessori was closed for holidays.

The AGM will take place in February 2018 and, in future, minutes will be posted on the website to as part of good governance.

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chair.

Proposed by Breege Corrigan, seconded by Laura Beirne.

Recording of Any Other Business

  • Christmas Decoration Class
  • Drama Group

Treasurer’s Report

Tom Coppinger gave the Treasurer’s Report. Funding for the Development Company is ticking along nicely after some tight times early in summer. The current account balance €5,725.72 with approximately €2,000 due to be paid out.  Outgoings for the month were €2,828.80.  Additional funds have come in from Roscommon County Council via the Tidy Towns Group, thanks to their success in the competition.

It was agreed that monies raised at the tea party would not be lodged to the bank but would instead be held to provide a float for the auction and to reprint the calendar. 

CE Report

John Green had given his apologies to the meeting. In his absence, Tom Coppinger provided a brief report. Nina Oram has joined the scheme as maternity cover for Lara Duffy who is on maternity leave. Four members of the scheme would be taking a horticulture course at level 4, and one member is undertaking a course in pastry-making and baking. Jean Timothy visited for a financial and monitoring check and had agreed the extension of two contracts of current scheme members.

Communications Report

Elizabeth Care presented the Communications Report. The website is currently down while the hosting and domain name registration is re-completed. This process will take approximately one week. To avoid further downtime, the primary account holder has been moved to the Resource Centre.

Twitter and Facebook continue to work well as a means of communicating events and news.


Auction: Although it had been agreed not to have a craft fair, we have been approached to provide tables for children who might wish to sell items. We have agreed to accommodate this in the bric a brac area. The halls will be open for viewing at 2pm, with bric a brac open for sale at 2:30 and the main auction starting at 3pm. Mike Carty will be available to assist at the auction. John Greene will organise collections of larger items. Margaret Tynan and Michelle Mahon will resource and staff a tuck shop. An email issue, following a computer upgrade, meant that advertising for the auction was not received by the Herald or the parish office. These have been re-sent. Unfortunately, Mary P Carty will not be available over the weekend but other members of the committee will fill in for her.

CCTV: The building has an increasing amount of equipment – through the Montessori school and the office. The Committee will look into costing and fundraising for CCTV to cover the building. Mike Carty advised that there are small, one time grants available for this type of work.

Other fundraising targets: It was noted that lockable presses for use by the various community groups using the hall would be required in future and it was agreed that future fundraising efforts would be directed at this project. Mike Carty noted that there are funds available to the Tidy Towns group from the Credit Union. It was agreed that this would be put towards replacing the trees on the road near the school.

Any Other Business

Christmas decorations: It had not been possible to reach the suggested tutor. As an alternative, it was suggested that an instructor be found to attend for a one night only course, possibly in conjunction with the Ladies Club. The Development Committee would be happy to provide some funding towards this.

Drama Group has selected a play – Anyone Can Rob A Bank – and will start rehearsals on Thursday 16th November.

There was no other business.

The date of the next meeting is Wednesday 17th January at 8:45pm.

The AGM will take place on 28th February 2018