Community Acupuncture

David from Willowbrook Natural Healing Clinic is offering to run a community acupuncture clinic at the Community Centre if there is a demand for it.

pexels-photo-175972From his leaflet:

“Community Acupuncture is a venue set up within the community for the use of all at an affordable cost, where clients can receive Acupuncture treatments, with the intention of reducing the number of surgery or hospital visits and bringing about a healthier more balanced community.

“The objective of community acupuncture is to improve the physical and mental health of the individuals within the community. In a community acupuncture clinic, clients are treated together in a communal area on chairs or benches, creating an air of comradeship that can help healing to occur. Community acupuncture uses a variety of acupuncture styles to provide both physical and mental health benefits. When treating mental health issues the NADA protocol has been shown to be highly effective in a community setting.”

For more information, download the information brochure or call Willowbrook on 083 830 1311 or 094 986 1307.