Easter Chicks for the Ladies Club

The Ladies Club are getting a jump on next year’s activities by knitting Easter Chicks and would be delighted if anyone in the village with spare wool and some spare time would join the fun by knitting one (or more) chicks and dropping them off at the community centre*.


  • Yellow wool of any shade
  • Size 4mm needles (or size appropriate to the thickness of the wool)
  • Black wool for the eyes
  • Cotton wool or other scraps for stuffing
  • A scrap of felt for the beak
  • A ribbon for the chicken’s neck (optional)


  • Cast on 24 stitches.
  • Rows 1 and 2: Knit
  • Rows 3 to 10: Increase by one stitch at the beginning of each row. You should have 34 stitches.
  • Rows 11 and 12: Cast off nine stitches at the beginning of each row. You should have 16 stitches.
  • Rows 13 – 20: Knit eight rows.
  • Cut the wool and thread it onto a darning needles. Draw the wool through the sixteen stitches and sew up the chick leaving the bottom open.
  • Stuff the head with cotton wool and gather the neck in by tying a bow around it.
  • Use black wool to make eyes and stick or sew on a diamond shaped piece of felt for the beak.
  • Put a chocolate egg in the bottom of the egg (not necessary if you are knitting them for the ladies club).

*Or you can knit them for yourself and surprise the children when Easter comes.