Although Lisacul has been a settlement since at least the Iron Age, there isn’t much in the way of written history until the 1901 and 1911 census, probably because few people in the area had the time or the inclination to write down what was happening other than in letters to be sent to relatives and friends abroad.

What has Bisbee, Arizona got to do with Lisacul? Look closer.

Events in Lisacul even made the front page of the Bisbee (Arizona) Daily Review.

In 2013, Lisacul produced The Gathering, a book comparing the Lisacul of 2013 to that of 1913, together with articles on subjects as diverse as dance halls, notable inhabitants and the handball alley.  There is also a book about the School Reunion which brought together past pupils from the primary schools of Lisacul.

We have twenty-four years of Christmas Newsletters, from 1987 to 2010, which together give an annual update on what was happening in the village over time.

We also put together a 365 project to record a year in the life of Lisacul and a Wikipedia page, to tell the world about us.

For day to day information, we have our Facebook page, Lisacul Today,  we’re on Twitter as @LisaculResource and we now publish the Parish Newsletter once it has been circulated after Mass.


Lisacul Christmas Newsletters

From 1987 to 2012, Lisacul produced a newsletter at Christmas. The newsletters recorded events in the village – births, marriages, deaths, sporting achievements, gatherings and much, much, more. The first newsletters were typed out – on a typewriter –  in sections, then cut up and pasted onto pages, before being copied and printed on a …

Parish Newsletters

  With kind permission of Canon Liam Devine, and with the assistance of Parish Secretary, Janette, we are able to publish an electronic copy of the Parish Newsletter. These will come out the week after their distribution at the Saturday and Sunday masses throughout the parish. 2020 13th December – Second Sunday in Advent: Newsletter …

The Gathering

In 2013, the people of Lisacul came together to produce a book to record every person who had lived in the parish in 1913, using the records of the 1911 census and the memories and stories of locals. With the addition of articles and photographs charting the course of life and activity in Lisacul over …

The School Reunion

The joint school reunion for Lisacul and Currasallagh national schools was held just over twenty years ago.  A copy of the souvenir booklet recently turned up in the Resource Centre so we’ve scanned it in to the archives and it’s now available to share. Click on the graphic below to open the file. We thought …

Tibohine Townlands in1856

We were delighted to get a letter from Kieran Burns of Portmarnock, Co. Dublin who shared some of his research into ownership and rental of townlands in Tibohine in 1856 with us. If I’ve posted it right, you should, if you wish, be able to copy and paste the list into a spreadsheet and sort …