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Tibohine Townlands in1856

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We were delighted to get a letter from Kieran Burns of Portmarnock, Co. Dublin who shared some of his research into ownership and rental of townlands in Tibohine in 1856 with us. If I’ve posted it right, you should, if you wish, be able to copy and paste the list into a spreadsheet and sort it as you wish.

The list contains information from 1856. This is after the Great Hunger (1847-1849) when much of the land was in small plots (if you want to see how small, visit Strokestown House and look at the map on the wall in the schoolroom) and before the formation of the Land League (1879) and the Land War (1879-1882) when landlords were, umm, encouraged to give their tenants fixity of tenure, fair rent and, if they were so minded, a fair sale, leading eventually to the break up of the larger estates.

Some of the terms in Kieran’s list may be unfamiliar: In Fee refers to an estate in land, inherited or owned by one who has the absolute right to dispose of the land as they desire, including the right to select an inheritor of the land; Commonage is land that is owned and/or used by more than one person. In this document, this probably refers to peat (bog) land or high stony land suitable only for sheep or goat grazing.

Notes from Kieran

There are 96 townlands in Tibohine. The largest is Mullen, followed by Errit, Frenchpark Demesne, Loughglynn Demesne and Currasallagh.

The landlord with the highest acreage was the Honourable and Reverend Lord John De Freyne. Next were Viscount Dillon, the representatives of William Murphy, the representatives of Daniel H Farrell, and Bridget Clifford.

It is interesting to note that Viscount Dillon, although one of the biggest landowners in Connacht and with his main residence in the parish of Tibohine, was not the main landowner there.

Lord John De Freyne was a member of the French family of Frenchpark. William Murphy was a cattle dealer from Dublin who never set foot in Roscommon. Daniel H Farrell was an in-law of the famous John Nolan Ferrall of Logboy.

Name Main Landlord Acreage Location Main Tenant Acreage
Aghacurren Representatives of Daniel H Farrell 762 Near Ballaghaderreen T and D Gara 66
Aghaderry Viscount Dillon 399 Near Loughglynn D O’Brien, B Shannon 66
Aghadrestan Charles Ellison 562 Near Loughglynn Michael Crighton 186
Aghalour Viscount Dillon 651 Near Loughglynn Charles Ellison 347
Ballinphuill Rev/Lord De Freyne 483 Near Ballaghaderreen Rev/Lord de Freyne 181
Ballyglass East 401 Near Loughglynn Commonage
Ballyglass West Rev/Lord De Freyne 283 Near Loughglynn Commonage
Barnacawley Rev/Lord De Freyne 336 Near Loughglynn Commonage
Breanamore Rev/Lord De Freyne 578 Near Loughglynn Commonage
Buckill Rev/Lord De Freyne 830 Near Loughglynn Rev/Lord de Freyne 118
Caher Rev/Lord De Freyne 213 Near Loughglynn Charles French 98
Carrowbane Rev/Lord De Freyne 93 Frenchpark Charles McDermott 70
Carrowbehy Rev/Lord De Freyne 802 Near Cloonagh Loughglynn William Taylor 326
Carrowgrave Patrick Balfe 533 Near Ballaghaderreen Patrick Sharkey 28
Carrowna-knockaun Representatives of William Murphy 285 Near Lisacul James Doherty 16
Cartron Beg Rev/Lord De Freyne 117 Near Lough Gara John Morrisroe 33
Cartronmore Patrick Balfe 392 Loughglynn Patrick Balfe 47
Clashcarragh In fee 91 Ballaghaderreen Rev/Lord de Freyne 91
Clerragh Rev/Lord De Freyne 268 Loughglynn Bridget Gordon 53
Cloogarnagh Rev/Lord De Freyne 407 Near Frenchpark T, P and J Lavan 49
Cloonacolly Bridget Clifford 700 Near Lisacul Commonage
Cloonagh Rev/Lord De Freyne 488 Near Cloonagh Loughglynn Thomas Scally 122
Cloonard Rev/Lord De Freyne 357 Near Loughglynn Rev/Lord de Freyne 94
Cloonargid Bridget Clifford 544 Near Lisacul Commonage
Cloonarragh Rev/Lord De Freyne 496 Near Castlerea Rev/Lord de Freyne 119
Cloonbunny Rev/Lord De Freyne 633 Loughglynn Michael McDermott 187
Clooncah Rev/Lord De Freyne 268 Near Lisacul Elizabeth Sandford 111
Cloondart Rev/Lord De Freyne 194 Near Tooreen Bryan Lynch 167
Cloonfad Rev/Lord De Freyne 830 Near Frenchpark Commonage
Cloonfinglas Rev/Lord De Freyne 830 Near Frenchpark Thomas Higgins 189
Cloonmaul Rev/Lord De Freyne 452 Near Loughglynn E Roddy, C Flanagan 62
Cloonmullin Viscount Dillon 406 Near Loughglynn Charles Strickland 228
Cloonshaville Rev/Lord De Freyne 930 Near Frenchpark William Davis 255
Cloonsheever Rev/Lord De Freyne 893 Near Loughglynn Rev/Lord de Freyne 342
Cloontowart Rev/Lord De Freyne 531 Near Lisacul Commonage
Coolgarry Viscount Dillon 187 Near Loughglynn Charles Ellison 66
Corracoggil North Rev/Lord De Freyne 517 Lisacul James McGann 135
Corracoggil South Rev/Lord De Freyne 371 Near Lisacul Thomas Sandford 54
Corra-commeen Rev/Lord De Freyne 363 Near Lisacul John Melvin 112
Corskeagh Rev/Lord De Freyne 289 Frenchpark M M B and J Morris 32
Creevy Representatives of William Murphy 646 Lisacul Representatives of William Murphy 66
Cullyboe Viscount Dillon 212 Loughglynn John Thomas 149
Curraghhard Rev/Lord De Freyne 319 Lisacul Commonage
Curragh-sallagh Representatives of C Taafe 1100 Near Lisacul Commonage
Curreentorpan Rev/Lord De Freyne 346 Near Loughglynn Patrick Gordon 83
Dereena-mackaun In fee 248 Near Mayo Border Fitzstephen French 151
Derrinea Rev/Lord De Freyne 282 Mayo Border Peter Havican 250
Derry Rev/Lord De Freyne 170 Lisacul Elizabeth Sandford 123
Derrylahan Charles French 229 Near Loughglynn Thomas Flanigan 79
Driney Viscount Dillon 533 Loughglynn Commonage
Drummad In fee 548 Near Loughglynn Rev/Lord de Freyne 150
Drumnigh Viscount Dillon 172 Near Loughglynn Charles Strickland 55
Dungar Rev/Lord De Freyne 62 Frenchpark Michael Bradigan 13
Eden Rev/Lord De Freyne 422 Near Loughglynn Timothy Morris 67
Errit In fee 1203 Mayo Border Rev/Lord de Freyne 306
Figh Rev/Lord De Freyne 732 Near Lisacul Commonage
Frenchpark Demesne In fee 1125 Frenchpark Rev/Lord de Freyne 1067
Glebe East Rev/Lord De Freyne 34 Near Frenchpark Rev William French 34
Glebe West Lord Bishop of Elphin 35 Near Loughglynn Rev Harlow Fleming 35
Gortaganny In fee 443 Mayo Border Rev/Lord de Freyne 150
Grallagh In fee 392 Near Frenchpark Rev/Lord de Freyne 63
Kilgarve Rev/Lord De Freyne 713 Near Loughglynn Thomas Gordon 89
Kilroddan Rev/Lord De Freyne 204 Near Loughglynn T and D Flanigan 41
Kilrooan Rev/Lord De Freyne 144 Near Lisacul Commonage
Kiltybranks In fee 815 Near Lisacul Representatives of William Murphy 178
Kiltymaine Representatives of William Murphy 328 Near Lisacul Winifred O’Brien 103
Lecarrow Rev/Lord De Freyne 336 Mayo Border Commonage
Leggatinty In fee 773 Frenchpark William Davis 298
Leitrim In fee 1476 Near Frenchpark Rev/Lord de Freyne 650
Lisananny In fee 547 Near Castlerea Rev/Lord de Freyne
Lisdrumneill Representatives of William Murphy 328 Near Ballaghaderreen Commonage
Lisduff Rev/Lord De Freyne 297 Near Frenchpark Commonage
Lissacurkia Rev/Lord De Freyne 383 Near Ballaghaderreen A and T Callaghan 69
Lissergool Representatives of Daniel H Farrell 678 Near Ballaghaderreen Commonage
Lissydaly In fee 153 Lisacul Francis Ellison 32
Loughglynn Viscount Dillon 136 Loughglynn Michael Philips 136
Loughglynn Demesne In fee 1105 Loughglynn Viscount Dillon 1105
Meelick Rev/Lord De Freyne 204 Near Loughglynn M Mangan, P Harte 27
Moyne Viscount Dillon 731 Near Ballaghaderreen C Strickland 151
Mullaghashee Rev/Lord De Freyne 423 Near Loughglynn Thomas Morris 49
Mullen In fee 1421 Near Frenchpark Representatives of William Murphy 265
Parkeel Rev/Lord De Freyne 271 Near Loughglynn Commonage
Portaghard Rev/Lord De Freyne 526 Near Frenchpark William Cox 57
Rahelly Representatives of William Murphy 350 Near Frenchpark Commonage
Rathkeery John French 331 Near Ballaghaderreen Commonage
Ratra In fee 325 Near Ballaghaderreen Rev/Lord de Freyne 76
Sheepwalk In fee 715 Near Frenchpark Rev/Lord de Freyne 222
Sheevanann In fee 368 Near Frenchpark Rev/Lord de Freyne 116
Stonepark Rev/Lord De Freyne 106 Near Loughglynn John Gordon 43
Tawnyrover Rev/Lord De Freyne 113 Near Loughglynn John Meldon 108
Teevnacreevy Arthur O’Conor 271 Near Ballaghaderreen Commonage
Tibohine Rev/Lord De Freyne 303 Near Frenchpark Thomas Giblin 31
Tully Rev/Lord De Freyne 916 Mayo Border Commonage
Turlagharee Rev/Lord De Freyne 117 Near Frenchpark John Lavin 36
Turlaghna-maddy Rev/Lord De Freyne 78 Near Frenchpark William Cox 30
Urrasaun Rev/Lord De Freyne 232 Near Loughglynn Commonage