Reaching new audiences

Lads, we’ve only been and gone international and multiplatform!

Brian does caricatures of his hosts as a thank you for their hospitality.

Artist Visit

Last week, Lisacul played host to Brian John Spencer, an artist from Belfast who is travelling around Ireland in 32 days, spending a night and a day in each county and taking impressions about politics, post-Brexit and post-colonial, drawing people and landscapes and talking to a vast range of people about what they’re bit of Ireland means to them. Brian posts his immediate impressions on Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Audioboom and Twitter and hopes to wrap up the project with an exhibition and a book.

In Lisacul, Brian caught up with Senator Frank Feighan, Tom Coppinger and recent incomers Matt and Elizabeth Care. He also had a whistlestop tour of the parish and visited the Community Centre. You can catch up with Brian via his facebook posts.

365 Project

Then we were contacted by Nathalie Banaigs, founder of Kent Creative Arts, who wanted to catch up with Lisacul’s 365 project. Nathalie provided inspiration, along with advice and help, for the project and wanted to include it as a “Legacy” benefit for the original 365 project. We’ve sent her some photographs and a quick outline of the project and it’s now up on the Kent Creative Website.