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The dedication plaque on the Memorial Hall in Lisacul

The dedication plaque on the Memorial Hall in Lisacul

I’ve been rummaging around the Military Archives for information on the five young men mentioned on the plaque at the memorial hall and found this gem from a statement, taken in 1954, by Patrick Cassidy, who was Commandant of the 2nd Battalion East Mayo Brigade during the War of Independence.

We also went to the Lisacul area to try and bring off an ambush there. We occupied a position for a couple of days but no enemy force showed up. We raided the local Post Office and fired shots, and got a man to go to the barracks and report us as being in the area, to try and get them out but to no avail – they would not oblige.

The Archives were able to provide information on Sean and Patrick Mulrennan, but drew a blank on Eoin Kelly, Thomas Flannery and Thomas McGowan (McKeown?), so if you have any information, please drop me a line at It would be great to know more about these men who “marbhuigheadh ar son poblacta na h-Eireann” as the plaque says.  

UPDATE: Ceallach contacted us on email to give us the following information:

The Eoghan Ó Ceallaigh whose name is inscribed above the entrance to the Memorial Hall in Lisacul is the Col.-Commdt. Eugene Kelly B.E. whose name is also on the Kilkelly monument. He was Divisional Engineer of the 2nd Battalion of the East Mayo Brigade. If I recall aright, he is mentioned in the Military Archives by comrades, especially in connection with the failed attempt to blow up the barracks in Ballaghadereen.

Eugene was a son of Joe Kelly NT of Meelick School and Bridget McGarry (died 1903), principal of the girls’ school in Lisacul. He grew up in the teacher’s residence opposite Lisacul School. He was shot in Boyle Barracks on 4th June 1922 in what the Coroner’s Court deemed an accident s. the report of the hearing in the Roscommon Herald of that week, plus an Appreciation by L.G.M (= Liam Mellowes?).

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Thank you Ceallach. I’m off to the Military Archives now I’ve got the right first name (Eugene, not Eoin).

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