Summertime Blues!

You may have seen a slight change of decor around the village recently. The CE team have been out and about putting in new plants in our plant holders ready for summer and giving the plant holders a coat of paint while they were at it. Now all the wooden planters around the village match – and don’t they look good!

Providing a colourful welcome to Lisacul, the recently built stone planter gets its perennial centrepiece and annual summer bedding.

At the crossroads, the tulips in the tiered bed are replaced with trailing plants and colourful annuals.

Celestial blue brightens up the Versailles planter at the crossroads.

Anchors away! The boat is loaded to the gunwhales with annuals, while climbers scramble up the ‘sail’.

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  1. Ah look at you going all sailor on us. You’ll need to know that it’s anchors “a-weigh” and those gunwales don’t have an ‘H’. Ready about! Lee Ho! Klingons on the Starb’d Bow.

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