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365 Week 42

We may not have the answer to life, the universe and everything, but we have some great photos this week. Pets and other animals   Christmas preparations That election   Lisacul children Weather and the environment  

365 Week 17 – Hi there

Early summer and time to get out in the garden for the small folk of Lisacul, waving to the neighbours, hunting for squirms in the compost bin or having a quick feed from Mammy. If you’d like to add your photos to the 365 project you can email them to Lisacul365@gmail.com.

Tidy Town Activity

As judging looms ever nearer, the Tidy Towns team have started the 2016 campaign with a massive assault on the rubbish along the main road, picking up bags and bags of “I can’t be bothered to take this home and put it in the bin so I’ll throw it out the window” detritus and then, …

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