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Signs and Portents

We’re half way between the Winter Solstice (21 December) and the Spring Equinox (20 March), but there are already plentiful signs of spring around. Our 365 photographers captured some of the best of Lisacul’s ‘nearly Spring’ biodiversity. Enjoy looking at them here, then get out for a walk over the weekend to see them up …

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365 Week 42

We may not have the answer to life, the universe and everything, but we have some great photos this week. Pets and other animals   Christmas preparations That election   Lisacul children Weather and the environment  

365 Week 31

End of Summer, beginning of school term, but first…  

365 Week 19 Getting the Turf In

The wonderful weather continued in the first week of June so EVERYONE headed for the bog, some of them sustained by traditional Irish Nettle Soup (good for what ails you and uses up┬ásome of the nettles which shoot up overnight). On Bank Holiday Monday, thunder rattled around for hours while storm clouds piled up, but …

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