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First fruits of the Gardening Course

As well as lessons on planting flowers, we also learned how to grow fruit and vegetables. But what to do with all the lovely produce come harvest time? The lucky attendees at the gardening course all received a booklet, prepared by the CE team in the Resource Centre, packed with easy recipes to try out. …

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The Penultimate Gardening Class

After a week of glorious weather, the trainee gardeners joined Richard for the penultimate class. Richard brought along two square planters, handpainted by trainees from another group, to demonstrate planting up a square planter. Square Planters You can fit more plants in a square planter. In the one we planted up, we have Fuchsia ‘Jumping …

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Pots of Planting – More of the Gardening Course

What with Easter, the play and the trials of rural broadband, we haven’t been able to post reports about our ongoing Gardening Course as it happened, so here are three weeks of gardening notes in one post. Put the kettle on, make tea and settle down for a read. Before you start Planting medium: If you …

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Gardening Course: Week 2

This week started off with some shameless boasting about the size and growth of our mustard plants. Everyone has germination and tiny (and not so tiny) shoots are being watched and cherished like the most precious of infants. Richard tells us we can’t harvest them until each shoot has three or four leaves but we …

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Gardening Course: Week 1

Our GRETB funded Gardening Course, tutored by Richard Kennedy, started yesterday evening in the Community Centre. Week one covered planting and herbs, mixed with tips and some sage* advice. Before you start Prepare a good growing medium for your plants. For seeds 1 part horticultural sand with 15 parts of multipurpose compost, the sand keeps …

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Gardening Course – with a twist

Some of you may remember we had a gardening course led by  Richard Kennedy two years ago. Richard is coming back to provide the gardening element of the course but, given the nature of the funding, we can’t repeat the exact same course. So we’ll be attaching some healthy eating recipes and ideas of how …

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365 Week 24

There isn’t a theme to this week, we just want you to grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and enjoy the moments our photographers captured.  

365 Week 19 Getting the Turf In

The wonderful weather continued in the first week of June so EVERYONE headed for the bog, some of them sustained by traditional Irish Nettle Soup (good for what ails you and uses up some of the nettles which shoot up overnight). On Bank Holiday Monday, thunder rattled around for hours while storm clouds piled up, but …

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365 Week 18 Enjoying the Sunshine