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Seán Keane in Concert

Seán Keane will play Lisacul Memorial Hall on Friday 29th March this year. An accomplished musician and singer, Seán mixes blues, country, and traditional Irish folk in a unique and attractive way and has established a firm fan base both here and abroad. We are delighted that he has chosen Lisacul as part of his 2019 …

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It’s on! Loughglynn Music Festival

The Bank Holiday Weekend is still over six weeks away and we’re already getting hits on the website about the Festival. So, for all you country music fans out there, here’s the rundown of events in the Community Centre. I’m sure Creaton’s Loughglynn and The Village Inn will be hosting events too, so you should …

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Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours…*

Our neighbouring village, Loughglynn, are having a bit of a do over the bank holiday weekend. There will be the usual fantastic Loughglynn Festival music and dancing (in Creatons, The Village Inn and the Community Centre), but this year there is something a little bit special too. Over the summer, our CE team have been helping …

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