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365 Week 17 – Hi there

Early summer and time to get out in the garden for the small folk of Lisacul, waving to the neighbours, hunting for squirms in the compost bin or having a quick feed from Mammy. If you’d like to add your photos to the 365 project you can email them to Lisacul365@gmail.com.

Behind the Scenes at the Play

Well we’re all winding down a little after the excitement of the play, but before it’s over, a little tribute to the Backstage Crew, who worked like demons to ensure that the only thing the cast had to worry about was remembering their lines.

What to do on a cold and frosty afternoon …

… after you’ve had that nice brisk walk, made a big pot of soup and tidied up a bit. How about curling up with a good book, a cup of something warm and some biscuits? We have a HUGE range of pre-read books here in the Community Centre. You can choose from biographies of sporting …

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