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365 Week 32

Time to light the fires for autumn, but could you bear to disturb the fearful symmetry of the stack in one of this week’s pictures?

365 Week 29

An early 365 post this week with pictures that, like the season, are poised between summer and autumn. And pink.

365 Week 28

The first week of August. Really. It’s definitely August, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Still, we have flowers, some wonderful stacking and rather a lot of ears.

365 Week 22

The top of the summer brings bonfire night to Lisacul. The festival of St John’s Eve has its roots in ancient times when the coming of harvest was welcomed with fires and celebrations.

365 Week 21

This week saw the final journey of Lisacul’s oldest resident, Paddy Lavin, who died at the age of 103 and, while we celebrated a win over Italy, many of our residents from the across the pond watched anxiously as the count started in the UK’s EU referendum.  

365 Week 20

Midsummer approaches and the fields and lanes around Lisacul are a balm for the soul. In the meantime, the work goes on, with silage to be made and turf to be cut And, of course, a village to be tidied. Not to mention the pets But we still made time to sit, and enjoy a meal …

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365 Week 19 Getting the Turf In

The wonderful weather continued in the first week of June so EVERYONE headed for the bog, some of them sustained by traditional Irish Nettle Soup (good for what ails you and uses up some of the nettles which shoot up overnight). On Bank Holiday Monday, thunder rattled around for hours while storm clouds piled up, but …

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365 Week 18 Enjoying the Sunshine