Tales from the Schoolroom

I’ve been rummaging about in the Heritage cupboard and found some wonderful essays from March 1938 (the “year of the Munich bother” for anyone familiar with Kavanagh) by the children of the local national school.

Here is one on Fairy Forts that moves very quickly from factual to spine-chilling. I wonder who “the boys” were and how fast they moved when the candle went out.  You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

Fairy Forts2


Fairy Forts

There are four forts in our school district, two in Currasallagh, one in Lisadaly and one in Carnagruckane. The two in Currasallagh are in Jim Higgins’ and Pat MacGreal’s fields. The one in Lisadaly is owned by Pat Breheny and in Carnagrukane it is owned by Michael Carney. They are within view of each other. They are round in shape and have a fence of earth round them. There is a hole in the side of each. The boys went in to the centre of Breheny’s fort some years ago. They found four rooms, they went into three of them but when they (went) tried to go into the fourth they found the door built up with stones. They started to knock down stones but the candle went out (added in adult hand: and they came out then). It is not known who built these forts.

Michael Towey, Silverfield, Lisacul, Ballaghaderreen.