The Community Newsletter

At a recent meeting of the Lisacul Development committee, ways of talking to people in Lisacul came up. We have our Facebook page, our Twitter account, and the notice board in front of the Community Centre, but what about people who don’t do social media or who can’t get out to the Community Centre? How can we keep them up to date with events in the village?

So today, we are launching a Community Newsletter. It will come out quarterly, and, in addition to some useful information, will include a feature on various clubs and societies. We hope you’ll like it, and we hope you’ll tell us what works, what doesn’t, what you’d like to see more of.

We’ll put copies of the newsletter in the usual spaces, but we hope you’ll do your bit for greater village communications by downloading a copy and passing it on to someone who doesn’t usually hear about things from t’internet. Community Newsletter Autumn 2019