Things to do in Autumn

Roscommon County Council have launched a list of things to do in Autumn. It comes with a checklist so you can see how many things you can get done between now and the end of November.

Here’s a story about the local area to start you all off. It comes from the 1938 School Essays collection and it was collected by Clar Ni Mesecain.

“There was an old woman living alone in this place many years ago, and one night a beggar man came in to her. She gave him his supper and told him to go his way but he sternly refused. At last she thought of a plan. She asked him if he would make some straw ropes for [her] and he said that he would. She brought in some straw and she made the rope while he twisted it. She opened the door and told him to continue twisting but when she got him outside the door stop she broke the rope and closed the door, so he had to go away.”

You can download a poster of all the things you might do here: Heritage Autumn Heritage Bucket List