Tidy Town Activity

Chocolate brownies small

Chocolate brownies, vanilla icecream and raspberries. What will you pick up at the Tidy Town Bake Sale?

As judging looms ever nearer, the Tidy Towns team have started the 2016 campaign with a massive assault on the rubbish along the main road, picking up bags and bags of “I can’t be bothered to take this home and put it in the bin so I’ll throw it out the window” detritus and then, heroically, sorting it all for recycling.

Now that the worst is over, the team can concentrate on “maintenance tidies” and enhancements to the village.  They meet each Wednesday evening at 7pm at the crossroad in Lisacul and will happily provide hi-viz jackets, litter pickers and other equipment to anyone who wants to join in and help.

Of course, litter pickers, equipment and the projects the Tidy Towns team undertake don’t come cheap, so they have to raise funds. This year, the annual cake sale is on Sunday, 8th May, before and after 10am Mass at Lisacul Church. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this, although you’ll need sharp elbows to get past me on the way to the apple slab.