Vive la Rentrée!

It’s not just school that’s back at Lisacul. Everyone who uses the Community Centre has that lovely new term feeling with lots of stuff starting this week and next.

We're busy, busy, busy

We’re busy, busy, busy

The Active Age crew are looking at new activities and planning their outings for the autumn, Brightsparks have completely revamped the school room and the CE team are thinking about the Great Autumn Tidy Up once the Ros Go Run has finished.

Lisacul Players reconvene on Tuesday 6th at 9pm to talk about the 2017 production. If you’d like to join the Players – as either front or backstage crew, please come along.

Justine Purcell begins the new Yoga term on the 7th of September with classes for men and women – you can sign up on her facebook page, while Ethna Fahy returns with more Irish dancing on Friday 9th September.

We’re also thinking about the Tea Party, the Craft Fair and the Auction and a super special surprize thing that I’m not allowed to talk about …

Oh, and don’t forget the meeting about the future use of the halls on Thursday 8th September at 8:30.

And now, I have this incredible urge to buy new stationery.