We apologise for the inconvenience Summer 2018

Once again, the Community Centre will be undergoing construction work over the Summer (you may remember that we did the insulation at this time last year) so this post is to tell you what will be happening and what effect this may have on events scheduled over the next two months.

What’s happening?

The building work will take place in the Memorial Hall over July and August this year.

  • We will be taking down the stud wall at the back, to make one big room, and then putting in a removable partition to create two classrooms.
  • We will also be putting in full size windows to give more light and increase the ventilation in the hall.
  • We will also be replacing the existing suspended ceiling so that the ceilings will match across the space.
  • There will also be some upgrades to the toilet facilities and some increased fire safety work.

Will the rest of the building be open?

The Resource Centre will be open from 9:30 to 13:30 Monday to Friday and you will be able to access the New Hall at those times, or outside those times by arrangement.

We will be using the New Hall to serve tea and coffee (and cake and biscuits) after the Cemetery Mass on the 29th July. Most of the destruction part of the work will be done by then, but the Memorial Hall will still be a construction site, so access will be restricted.

General safety

If you are visiting the centre over the summer, please

  • use the side entrance to the Resource Centre,
  • watch your footing,
  • stay behind any safety tape,
  • follow instructions from centre staff about access, and
  • make sure children are accompanied at all times.

Satisfying curiosity

We’ll post photos of the work as it progresses and post it on our Facebook and Twitter pages so you can see how we’re getting on.