Week Fifteen of the 365 Project

A minor change in arrangements – rather than putting recent pictures on a page and updating the page, we’re going to put them up as a post. This means they’ll be here for you to look back on later. You can catch up with the February, March and April pictures on our Flickr Page.

Don’t forget that next week we’re looking for pictures celebrating biodiversity in Lisacul – the Tidy Towns group are the place to go for ideas of things to do for biodiversity – but here at the 365 project, we’re thinking animals, hedgerows, plants, insects, birds…

0501MattFeighBroody 0502MattLisaculBogOaks 0502MattLisaculPosters 0503MattFeighRosFlag 0505MattCarrownaknockaunRingFort 0505MattCurraghardNewHouse 0506MattKiltymaneTurfHopper 0508MattLisaculCakeSale1 0510MattFeighBeekeeper