What are YOU doing for Biodiversity Week?

BiodiversityBiodiversity Week runs from Saturday 14th May to Sunday 22nd May*.

If you’re not sure, Lisacul’s Tidy Towns group will be delighted to help you with ideas.  To start you off here are some of the things planned so far:

  • Fóróige will be building bug hotels using found material so that pollinators and other beneficial insects will have snug homes over the winter.
  • Another group are planning to make hanging baskets and planters using native perennials and pollen-rich annuals.
  • The CE scheme will be setting the blades on the mowers a little bit higher to let daisies, clovers, dandelions and other low growing plants bloom and seed in the verges.
  • And here on the website, the 365 project is giving over the whole week to pictures celebrating the biodiversity of Lisacul – from (we hope) pond life to lichens, from swifts to bog plants.

Even you can’t get out and about, you can look out of the window and count the creatures you see (not the human ones) and record your findings on the National Diversity Database which relies on people like us filling in records so they know what species there are in Ireland.

There are more ideas in the Pollinator Plan guides – there is one for local communities and one for children, though I warn you – the children’s one has some appalling jokes in it.

*Yes, I know. But Biodiversity Week and a Bit is just silly.