What do YOU think?

You may be a bit tired of giving your opinion by now – after all, we’ve just had another referendum, and a Presidential Election – but there are other ways of having your say than by turning up at the polling station: you can also contribute to a Public Consultation. The outcome of three of these could directly affect us here in Lisacul so, if you have an opinion one way or the other, it’s time to let the government know how you feel.

The consultations are listed below – and clicking on them will take you to a page where you can comment or where you can find more information.

Public Consultation on the Digital Strategy: This “aims to give the public and interested stakeholders a chance to tell Government what priorities should be addressed in the Strategy”. It asks a series of questions to help the Department understand what people want.

Consultation on Seasonal Clock Changes: Do you want to change? Would you prefer it to be Summer Time all the time? Would you prefer it to be Winter Time all the time?  This is a really simple consultation with about three questions to answer.

Community Services Programme: This is a call for submissions about how you think the CSP should work and where it should focus its spending and influence.